Plantagebrug Bike and Pedestrian Bridge

To insure a complete bike network, the Plantagebrug was constructed in 1985 as a bicycle and pedestrian only bridge. The Plantagebrug is located within the city of Delft and is part of a larger city-level bicycle network. This bridge links the north-eastern part of town to the city center and crosses the Rijn-Schiekanaal canal. Its location is key, given the fact that the other crossing options available , the Koepoortbrug and Reineveldbrug, are located about 1.2km on either side of the Plantagebrug. The creation of the Plantagebrug reduced the spacing to a much more desirable distance for many cyclists.


  • Add a missing link to the city network
  • Reduce the barrier effect of the canal
  • Offer more comfortable and safe connection for cyclists

By prohibiting vehicular traffic on the bridge, the Plantagebrug offers a safe and comfortable route for bicyclists and pedestrians a like to enjoy.


The width of the bicycle path on the bridge is about 4.5 m., and there are two sidewalks of about 1.5 m. on each side. The length of the bridge is about 50 m. The use of bollards and signage prevent automobiles from gaining access. However, motor scooters are allowed to cross the bridge. The Plantagebrug is a Bascule bridge allowing for the passage of large boats and barges to enter the city.



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